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"This attractive book would be a valuable addition to any public library collection.   A descriptive table of contents, a very informative introduction, an illustrated  terminology of  equipment and body positions, and  vocabulary make this a very user-friendly book.  Twenty pages  on Designing an Exercise Routine are followed by several pages illustrating Stretching. and Muscle Anatomy.  The three hundred pages of illustrated exercises which follow are divided into sections according to the muscle group being exercised.    Each exercise page is broken into the following headings: Major muscles  in use, Starting position, Exercise movement, Exercise Technique points and Difficulty rating.   Each page has at least two photographic illustrations.   An extensive index of the exercises concludes this worthwhile book.
Once discovered by library users, this book will fly off the shelves and be in constant demand."

Wendy McKay, BA.
Retired Director of Library Services,
West Carleton Township Library,
Carp, Ontario



"The book has something for everyone who weight trains for exercise.  It has a Difficulty Rating which helps the beginners to select exercises suitable to their skill and strength level.  It has an excellent exercise index.  This handbook is a must for anyone interested in weight training."

Manisha Khetarpal, MLIS, Dalhousie University. Librarian, Slave Lake Municipal Library


"As an educator at the post secondary level, manager, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I value nothing more than having great resources for myself, students and clients. This book is a tool that is thoroughly complete, realistic and practical that I make reference to daily. A must have for any fitness professional and enthusiast."

Tina D'Angelo  Dip F.H.P- Professor of Fitness and Lifestyle Management, Algonquin College 


"Mike Croskery did a great job designing this book. The quality of the pictures and the detailed descriptions of the exercises makes it very user friendly. This exercise manual can be a useful tool to anyone who is involved in fitness or athletics. Many of our clients have purchased the book and find it to be a great guide in their training."

Ken Brunet B.Sc. Kin, PFLC - Peak Centre For Human Performance

"Mike Croskery's exercise book has proven to be a valuable resource for both myself and my clients. This handbook contains a wide range of exercises with clear, concise, directions and illustrations on how to perform each exercise properly. I would recommend this book to both exercise professionals and their clients as a guide to enhance any exercise program."

Doug Cavanagh, H.B. Kin, P.K. - Cavanagh Performance Athletics Inc., Arnprior Health and Fitness Club.

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Weight Training for a New Body

Weight Training for a 

New Body

Over 300 Exercises to Tone, Strengthen, and Build Muscle

Mike Croskery B.Sc., H.K., PFLC 

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If you, or someone you know, weight trains for exercise, then this book is essential! Designed for both beginner and advanced weight lifters, this handbook which has now sold thousands internationally guides readers from start to finish through designing their own personalized training and stretching routines. In addition, there are over 300 weight training and stretching exercises with easy-to-follow pictures and descriptions which makes learning new movements and targeting problem areas easier than ever.

Additional valuable information contained within this handbook includes the following:

 A difficulty rating tells the reader how hard the exercise could be to perform. This helps beginners choose exercises suitable for their skill and strength levels.

Exercises are categorized by muscle group and are included in a full index. This index makes finding exercises that have both common and uncommon names easier. The index also helps those who create their own routines to choose appropriate exercises for their workouts.

Estimated starting weights for both men and women give first-time lifters an idea of how much weight should be lifted for the respective exercise. This information alone addresses one of the most common questions experienced by novice lifters.

PLUS! - Sample exercise routines to help define, strengthen, and build your muscles the way you want!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Croskery holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics degree. He is a certified exercise science consultant who has spent more than ten years working with professional and national athletes as well as over a thousand fitness enthusiasts to help them reach their goals through exercise. He has researched muscle growth and strength training and has developed and taught many courses and seminars on these topics. Mike is a former champion bodybuilder.

352 pages, 2004, 8.5" x 11" Spiral bound paper back, Includes index, $34.95

ISBN 0-9688365-1-8



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