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Mike Croskery, B.Sc. H.K., CSEP-CEP


     MyoMax Performance is owned and operated by Mike Croskery, B.Sc. H.K., PFLC.  MyoMax Performance offers individuals various fitness services such as personal training, exercise program development, nutritional analysis, nutritional counseling, and individual consulting.  MyoMax also offers continuing education seminars and courses to fitness professionals.  Corporate consulting encompasses high performance sport consulting, independent research and research reviews.  We also publish and distribute literature on fitness, health, and exercise in the form of print and electronic publications. 

Fitness clients of Myomax Performance maximize their results through personalized training routines, instruction, and one-on-one consultations designed for both in the gym or at home.  

MyoMax strives to provide the most up-to-date, scientifically proven information and resources in order to help fitness enthusiasts and professionals reach their potential.


Myomax's publications and courses are created to help both the fitness enthusiast and fitness professional broaden their knowledge about various topics on fitness and exercise science. 

The Science of Muscle Growth Course is a scientific approach to muscle growth based on a comprehensive review of several hundred research articles on muscle hypertrophy and related topics

The Weight Trainers Handbook is for both beginner and advanced weight lifters that illustrates over 200 hundred weight training exercises that will help build, shape and define a new body.

Weight Training for a New Body - Easy to use and extensively illustrated, this book that has now sold thousands internationally enables anyone - from beginner to advanced - to design a personalized weight training and stretching routine for reaching various fitness goals and a desired body shape. The descriptions of the 300 exercises included in the book contain an exercise difficulty rating and starting weight for both men and women that allows any level of weight trainer to learn new exercises to target problem areas. Additional information includes sample exercise routines for all ages to help increase muscle definition, development, strength, power, or general fitness. A section on stretching covers 26 differentexercises to help increase the range or motion of the joints and information on how to incorporate them into your workout.This comprehensive, user-friendly and essential reference contains all the necessary information readers need to develop and follow a weight trainingand stretching routine to reach their fitness goals quickly. Weight Training for a New Body will sure to be the preferred reference for all fitness professionals and enthusiasts





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